Manual Transmission Oils

Transmissions are designed to transmit power from the engine to the drive axle, which allows movement of the wheels at varying speeds depending on the specific gear in drive. The essenza transmission range consists of a wide range of technology which includes fully synthetic to mineral, high viscosity to low viscosity gearbox and differential oils, and GL-4 / GL-5 bike gearbox oils, all of which contains premium additive technology to ensure superior performance of your transmission.   

Automatic Transmission Oils

Transmissions have become a major part of vehicles which is responsible drive, performance and fuel efficiency. Transmission fluids are therefore just as important as engine oils as they coat the gears and torque converters and they can withstand high temperatures. However, it is important to change transmission fluids, as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid breakdown of the oil and ensure that you have a pleasurable driving experience.

More advanced technology transmissions are introduced into the market such as the Dual Clutch transmission ( DCT) which uses 2 clutches to work simultaneously for a quicker gear change and also Continuously Variable belt/chain transmission (CVT) which provide seamless gear change, which not only provides a more comfortable drive but also achieve better fuel efficiency.