essenza sintetica 4T XR (Extra Racing) is a line of lubricants developed for 4T high performance motorbikes. These fully synthetic oils are formulated to provide exceptional protection and performance. The use of Group IV base oils, esters and selected additives of proven performance make essenza sintetica 4T XR the best choice for the lubrication of powerful motorbikes used for racing. These oils are oered in a variety of viscosities to meet or exceed the requirements of JASO and API specifications.

Sport 4T

essenza sintetica Sport 4T is a line of lubricants intended for use in the lubrication of high power motorbikes equipped with 4-stroke engines. These lubricants are formulated with 100% synthetic base oils of Group III additives suitable for the lubrication of motorbikes subject to high temperatures used for riding on motorway as well as urban stop and go driving.

Tour 4T

essenza sintetica Tour 4T is a line of lubricants intended for use in the lubrication of 4-stroke motorbikes. These lubricants are formulated with semi-synthetic and mineral base oils of Group II and using additives suitable for the lubrication of motorbikes subject to long distance service on motorways and extra-urban roads and for stop and go service in urban operation.


essenza sintetica Scooter line is specially developed to meet the lubrication needs of modern 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine powered scooters utilized under many dierent service conditions. The 4T range, produced with synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral base oils, includes low friction oils and a wide range of viscosities to cater for the diverse requirements of the dierent scooter manufacturers. The line also includes cost eective grades particularly suitable as first fill or running in oil or when very frequent oil change is practiced. 2T Selfmix and Premix grades are also available.


essenza 2T series is a range of high performance lubricant intended for 2T engines of motorbikes and are formulated to meet or exceed API and JASO specification. Consult the manufacturer for the correct specification recommended by the engine manufacturer before use.


Designed for all biker lovers who care Periodic maintenance for chain is crucial to protect and prolong its service life while achieving enhanced performance. A clean and well-lubricated chain offers excellent protection again rust, corrosion, dust, and lower friction and wear, translating into higher power output. With extensive research and experience in track/race field, essenza experts have developed the MOTOCARe line for effective chain cleaning and lubrication. Contributes to an efficient riding.
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