essenza MOTOCARe Chain Lube Racing

for chains, drivetrains, sliding and rotating mechanisms
adheres • lubricates • protects

Advanced synthetic dry lubricant (PTFE based) designed for chains, drivetrains, belts and various sliding and rotating parts which requires lasting protection against wear, dust and noise, particularly racing and sport use. Extends chain service life. Suitable for O-ring, Z-ring and X-ring. • Ultra low friction, durable protective lubricant film for high power efficiency • Anti-dust and strong adhesion with most surfaces ensures a clean operation. • Wide service temperature range (up to 270°C) • Excellent water repelling, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties

essenza MOTOCARe Chain Lube Sintetica

SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT SPRAY EXTRA PTFE FORMULA for all chains and drivetrains penetrates • lubricates • protects
High performance lubricant spray formulated with synthetic base stock and advanced PTFE technology for superior protection on chains in motorbikes which operate under extreme speed and temperature conditions, particularly racing, sport and off-road. Suitable for O-ring, Z-ring and X-ring. • Powerful PTFE technology for ultra low friction and superior protection against wear • Excellent heat resistance and low sludge formula • Strong adhesion for lasting lubricating film

essenza MOTOCARe Chain Lube

for chains and drivetrains penetrates • lubricates • protects
MOTOCARe Chain Lube is a premium quality chain lubricant spray designed for chains and drivetrains systems which operate under severe conditions (up to 150°C). Its high adhesive anti-fling ability with metallic surfaces and excellent water resistant anti-fling ability with metallic surfaces and excellent water resistant properties keeps the chains well-protected even under high speed/wet conditions. It contains advanced EP (Extreme Pressure) and anti-corrosion additives which help to protect all heavily loaded surfaces against wear and maintain the chains in optimal conditions. Reduces friction and undesirable noise while contributing to a smooth riding experience with extra power. Extended chain life benefit. Together with quick penetrating capability, the creative jet spray design makes lubrication easy and offers pinpoint accuracy to all difficult to reach areas, especially chain pins and rollers. Suitable for O-ring, Z-ring and X-ring.

essenza MOTOCARe Multi Clean

2-IN-1 DEGREASER SPRAY for all chains, drivetrains and braking system
penetrates • removes • cleans
MOTOCARe Multi Clean is an easy-to-use, fast-acting cleaner and degreaser spray specially formulated for the chains and drivetrain systems. It demonstrates high dissolving capacity and powerful removing efficiency against oil, grease, dirt and grime, without leaving any residue. Its high penetrating formula makes cleaning all hard-to-reach places within seconds. Ensures a clean and pristine appearance with extended chain life. It is the best choice for universal maintenance and care solution. Suitable for O-ring, Z-ring and X-ring. • Extra formula jet spray displays a powerful penetrationg capability with pinpoint accuracy • Instantly removes grease, oil, dirt and grime • Fast drying performance, without leaving any residues • The best choice for bikers’ maintenance and care solution
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