essenza powerful Tractor UTTO J

API GL-4, Allison C-4, John Deere J20C/D, Caterpillar TO-2, Ford M2C86B/C & M2C134D J.I Case/Case Int MS-1204,6,7,9, CNH MAT 3525/3526, Massey Ferguson M1135/1145, Volvo WB101 (VCE 97303), Sperry Vickers/Eaton M2950S/I-286-S, JCMAS HK P-041
SAE 10W, 30, 50, 80W
Premium Universal Tractor Transmission Oils intended for use in John Deere tractors that calls for J20C/D specification. It contains special friction modifier for smooth clutch engagement and improved braking capacity with minimum chatter. Together with Extreme Pressure (EP), antifoam, antirust and anticorrosion properties, the oil delivers year-round protection and reduces maintenance cost. It can be used in transmissions, power shifts, final drives, wet brakes and hydraulic systems in off-highway tractor applications, ranging from agricultural, construction, forestry to mining segments.
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