ISO 15380 HEES
ISO viscosity grade: 46, 68
essenza HYDROe Bio series is a range of premium biodegradable hydraulic oils specially formulated with high performance synthetic Ester base stock and additive package. It is suitable for use in all types of high-pressure hydraulic systems in ecologically sensitive areas or where lubricant leakage into the environment is expected, including the earthmoving, agricultural, marine, and construction segments. Furthermore, its high thermal stability ensures excellent lubrication and pumpability even under wide operating temperature conditions. The additive package used in essenza HYDROe Bio series delivers year-round protection in the hydraulic systems, including high viscosity stability, superior wear protection, low temperature fluidity, and many other worthy benefits, translating into effective hydraulic power transfer. This product has good compatibility with most industrial elastomer seals and gaskets.
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