essenza sintetica Automatic HD

VOITH 150.014524.XX, ZF TE-ML 14C/20C, MAN 339 TYPE Z3/Z12/V2, MB 236.9, VOLVO 97341
Heavy duty Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) specially developed to meet the demanding performance requirements of transmissions in trucks, buses and commercial vehicles. It is capable of maintaining extra-long drain intervals as stated by vehicle manufacturers, including up to 2000 hours maximum in Volvo transmissions requesting Volvo 97341. A well-balanced formulation of essenza sintetica Automatic HD utilises State-of-the-art fully synthetic base stocks PAO (polyalphaolefin) technology and advanced additive package to ensure outstanding EP & Anti-wear protection, oxidation stability, friction control, cold flowability, and anti-foaming characteristics, while contributing to enhanced fuel savings and longer transmission life. Furthermore, the oil exhibits very high viscosity index characteristic and thus able to maintain the optimal lubricating oil film strength in every part of the transmission, at any driving condition and at any ambient temperature.
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