essenza sintetica Scooter MB 10W-40

12 x 1L / 12 x 0.8L Tins
essenza sintetica Scooter MB is a series of semi synthetic lubricants inteded for use in modern scooters which are fitted with dry clutch automatic transmission systems and requires JASO MB specifications. These motor oils are engineered with carefully selected base oils and additives of proven performance which offers the most reliable lubrication for scooter engines under frequent short trip, city riding conditions. It balanced formula exhibits low volatility properties and thus lowers oil consumption. The oil provides increased resistance to oxidation, wear, rust and corrosion, keeping all parts well-protected and promoting longer engine life. Fuel economy and environmental friendliness are maximised by the designed ''low friction'' characteristic. *Do not use this product when an oil complying with JASO MA/MA2 is prescribed.
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