essenza sintetica Scooter MA2 5W-40

API SL level, JASO MA2, ester inside
12 x 1L / 12 x 0.8L Tins
essenza sintetica Scooter MA2 is a range of fully synthetic engine oils specially designed for use in scooters equipped with high performance four stroke (4T) engines, both air or water cooled systems. This product utilizes the latest ESTER technology that exhibits a high level of natural polarity and ensures excellent oil film adherence on metallic surfaces with enhanced lubricity, durability and wear protection. Well-suited for the lubrication of most modern scooters operating in long distance and urban riding applications. The oil demonstrates superior detergent-dispersant properties which minimize the formation of sludge and carbon deposits for improved engine cleanliness and efficiency. Its unique formula displays extremely low volatility and greatly lowers oil consumption. It also offers outstanding antiwear, antifoam, rust and corrosion control characterisitics that reduces the need for engine servicing and extends equipment life.
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