essenza sintetica 2T XR

12 x 1L Bottles
essenza sintetica 2T XR (Extra Racing) is a fully synthetic, low ash lubricant tailored for use in 2-stroke engines involving high temperature, high speed and high torque. Specially designed for high power and performance motorcycles in sport and racing segments. Engineered with the high polarity Ester base stock, it displays exceptional adherence ability and lubricity for all highly loaded surfaces. The use of advanced additives delivers excellent antiwear, corrosion control, and detergency properties, translating into superior wear protection and clean operation in engines, as well as maximum power transfer in the long term. The oil meets/exceeds the most demanding Japanese standard JASO FD that addresses lubricity, detergency, deposit control, and extreme low smoke performance of 2T engines. Suitable for use in both selfmix (oil injector systems) and premix applications. Kindly follow the mixing ratio as recommended by OEM.
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