essenza sintetica 2T Selfmix R FD

12 x 1L Tins
essenza sintetica 2T Selfmix R FD is a premium semi-synthetic, low smoke lubricant designed for excellent engine protection and cleanliness in two stroke (2T) motorcycle engines. It is specially designed for high-powered bikes who demand a superior oil that protects and keeps their bikes clean whatever the road and traffic conditions. The use of carefully selected base stocks exhibits low volatility and improves oil consumption. Specification Level • JASO FD • ISO-L-EGD essenza sintetica 2T Selftmix RS essenza sintetica 2T Selfmix RS is a special fragrance-enriched motor oil developed for use in all two-stroke (2T) engine vehicles equipped with both air-cooled and water-cooled systems. 1L Fully Syn Semi Syn 7 Specification Level • API TC • JASO FD • ISO-L-EGD The total package offers improved lubricity, detergency, deposit control and low smoke performance as set by international JASO FD specification. Reliable rust and corrosion control keeps all parts in the good condition. It works well with modern catalytic convertors and suitable for use in both selfmix (oil injector systems) and premix applications. Kindly follow the mixing ratio as recommended by OEM.
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