CX series

essenza CX is a range of oils designed for use in competitions to meet the lubrication needs of engines of passenger cars subjected to the most severe driving conditions, typical of racing and off-road activities. The line comprises of an assortment of lubricants with various viscosity range and base oil quality to cater for the most diverse racing conditions and requirements, from the exceptional thermal resistance of PAO united with Ester technology to synthetic base oils obtained from severe hydrocracking process to solid and reliable mineral plus base oils, obtained from severe refining process.

EF, FS, XF/Formula-X

essenza sintetica EF is a line of emission friendly motor oils that are intended for use as catalyst compatible oils in vehicles with DPF and TWC in high performance car and light van diesel and gasoline engines. These oils are formulated with synthetic base oils and superior viscosity modifiers to meet low friction, low viscosity and shear stability characteristics that allow the oil to maintain its viscosity grade during use and achieve fuel efficiency. The use of low to medium SAPS additive technology increases the after-treatment devices life and maintains the vehicles fuel economy. These oils are unsuitable for use in some engines. Therefore, please consult the vehicle manufacturer manual before use.

essenza sintetica FS and XF are a range of extended oil drain interval motor oils specifically designed to meet the requirements set by european OEM and ACEA (European Car Manufacturers Association) in gasoline engines, car & light van diesel engine vehicles not fitted with after treatment devices. The FS oils are specifically intended for use in engines designed to use low friction-low viscosity oils with a high-temperature, high-shear properties to reduce friction and hence achieve specific fuel economy targets. The XF oils are specifically designed for high performance engines operating under severe service conditions also when direct diesel injection technology is used. Some low friction oils might be unsuitable for use in some engines. Consult manufacturer manual or handbook before use.

UXP series

essenza sintetica UXP (ultra extended protection) is a range of lubricants specifically formulated to meet the API (American Petroleum Institute) and ILSAC Standards set for gasoline engine oils of passenger cars and light vans manufactured by American and Japanese Manufacturers. These motor oils are manufactured at an ISO 9001 approved plant in Singapore and are blended exclusively with synthetic base oils obtained from severe hydrocracking refining process. In addition to this, additives of proven performance is used, making this a versatile line of lubricants suitable for extended use and protection of gasoline engines of a wide range of modern passenger cars, SUVs and MPVs which operate in various climates/seasons and service conditions.

SMO series

essenza SMO series is a range of multigrade motor oils specially formulated to meet the requirements of modern gasonline engines, including 16 valves, variable valve timing (VVT), and catalysed system. These oils provide superior protection against wear and reduced emissions of all types of pollutants which make it more environmentally friendly. Its low volatility characteristic translates to less evaporation loss and fewer engine oil top up requirements. Its high lubricity over a wide range of temperatures and conditions allow for lower emissions and efficient engine performance.
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