ISO 15380 HEES
ISO viscosity grade: 46, 68
essenza HYDROe Bio series is a range of premium biodegradable hydraulic oils specially formulated with high performance synthetic Ester base stock and additive package. It is suitable for use in all types of high-pressure hydraulic systems in ecologically sensitive areas or where lubricant leakage into the environment is expected, including the earthmoving, agricultural, marine, and construction segments. Furthermore, its high thermal stability ensures excellent lubrication and pumpability even under wide operating temperature conditions. The additive package used in essenza HYDROe Bio series delivers year-round protection in the hydraulic systems, including high viscosity stability, superior wear protection, low temperature fluidity, and many other worthy benefits, translating into effective hydraulic power transfer. This product has good compatibility with most industrial elastomer seals and gaskets.


ISO viscosity grade 46, 68
essenza HYDROe HFDU series is a line of biodegradable Ester-based, water free, synthetic fire-resistant hydraulic fluid specially designed for use in hydraulic transmission applications involving hotspots or operations in high temperature environments, especially the mining, offshore, steel and iron making industries. Its inherent high flash, fire, and autoignition points contribute to outstanding thermal stability which reduces the risk of fire ignition, thus effectively limiting fire propagation as compared to the conventional mineral-based hydraulic fluids.


CEC L-33-T-82 > 90% (3 weeks)
ISO viscosity grade: 68, 100, 150
essenza TACKe Bio series is a range of environmentally-friendly, highly adhesive lubricating oil specially formulated with natural biodegradable vegetable oil and advanced additive package. It is suitable for use in applications that undergo vigorous movement and frequent shuddering, such as chain saws, in ecologically sensitive areas or where lubricant leakage into the environment is expected. The use of vegetable oil provides excellent biodegradability properties and low aquatic toxicity, along with a high level of lubricity and viscosity stability. essenza TACKe Bio series exhibits excellent anti-drip properties which allows it to tenanciously remain on moving surfaces and protects the equipment from corrosion or external contamination.


ISO 12924: L-XD(F)BIB2, DIN 51502: KPE2G-40
A new generation heavy duty lubricating grease specially formulated with biodegradable ester base stock and anhydrous calcium thickener system. The use of advanced ester technology contributes to excellent lubricity and high biodegradability, which greatly reduces the environmental effects caused by leakage and spillage. Complemented with the unique calcium-based thickening agent and additive package, the grease offers a high level of Extreme Pressure (EP), water washout resistance, oxidation stability, and wear protection. Suitable for use in various applications in marine, agricultural, and construction segments which involves high moisture, heavy load or even low temperature conditions. The grease performs well with a centralized lubrication system.


Lithium-calcium complex
ISO 12924: L-XC(F)BIB2, DIN 51502: OGFPE2G-30
High performance, special lithium-calcium complex thickened grease based on biodegradable ester base stock for its exceptional load carrying capacity, superior water resistance and improved thermal stability with additional environmentally friendly characteristics. The use of advanced ester technology contributes to excellent lubricity and high biodegradability, which significantly reduce the effects on the environment which are caused by leakage and spillage. It is also in-line with the stringent requirements of the international marine legislation which features a lubricant with good biodegradability, minimally toxicity, and non-bioaccumulative. Suitable for use in marine, off-shore, industrial, and off-road applications in ecologically sensitive areas, particularly drilling and jack-ups.
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