ITALCO’s strategy is to engage with businesses that are committed to developing the lubricants market together for the long haul. Our authorised distributors are selected based on a set of requirements, which include but are not restricted to; personnel training and development in lubricants; brand representation and product handling and storage.

Our approach is to work with distributors on an adaptation strategy which will ensure customisation of our products to the diverse markets we serve. ITALCO’s commitment to providing our distributors with a premium brand together with a set of value-added business tools is fundamental in optimising their lubricants business in the given territory. Amongst others, access to the distributor portal supports instant access to product related information 24 hours a day, which in a global environment ensures business continuity. The Lube Finder functionality which is updated regularly, is another tool that provides assistance to sales personnel as well as to the end user.

Please contact us should you wish to join our network of global distributors: info@essenzalubricants.it

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